PReS Congress 2023

From 28 September to 1 October 2023, ENCA will be joining the PReS Congress - a world-leading conference for researchers, clinicians and patient organisations involved in Paediatric Rheumatology.

We have an exciting ENCA programme with speakers representing patients and families.

If you aren't joining us at the Congress, you can follow us on Twitter to see what's happening: 

*** Videos of many of our sessions are now available here ***

Friday 29 September

Empowering patients: Do you hear me?

08.30-10.00 Rotterdam Hall 1

Chairs: Sammy Ainsworth (UK), Marlies Allewijn (NL)


Maud Wessels (NL) - “Your experience, my future”

Wendy Olsder (NL), Casper Schoemaker (NL) - "Combining expierence an scientific expertise"

Lynette Bortey (UK) "I didn’t know my own strength"

Janet McDonagh (UK) "Adolescent care: time for a rethink?"

Saturday 30 September 2023


8.30-10.00 Mees 2

Chair: Jeanne Linneweever (NL)


Sanne Nijhof (NL) - "What is chronic fatigue and what is the difference"

Rashmi Sinha (US)

Kari Cupp (US)

ENCA Round table session (open to ENCA Member Organisations only)

10.30-12.00 Mees 2

The impact of diseases on education

15.50-17.20 Mees 1

Chair: Saskya Angevare (NL)


Rebecca Beesley (UK) - "Enabling and empowering children with RMD’s in education"

Luc Angevare (NL) - "Inflammation to inspiration, Navigation school with an autoinflammatory disease"

Libby Newsome (UK) - "Finding the balance: A teacher’s perspective."

Patient and Public Involvement in Paediatric Research

17.30-18.30 Mees 2

Chair: Michael Beresford (UK)


Sammy Ainsworth (UK) - "Involving Young People and families in the Design of Research. An Example from the university of Liverpool"

Karijn Aussems (NL) - "Research agenda setting with children with JIA, addressing the needs of children in Research practice"

Maaike Hoogewegen (NL), Bas (NL) "Your experience, My future; Children and young people with JIA exchange perspectives"

Sunday 1 October 2023

Young People & Mental Health

8.30-10.00 Rotterdam Hall 2

Chair: Anita van de Louw (NL)


Polly Livermore (UK) - "The mental health impact of JIA"

Richard Beesley (UK) - "Mental health and JIA: Families and how to support them"

Gabi Erbis (DE) - "Supporting the psychological and social impacts during transition to adult clinics"