About us

About us

Who are ENCA?

ENCA is the global network for children with arthritis and autoinflammatory conditions. We are led for and by parents and young people living with rheumatic, musculoskeletal and autoinflammatory diseases. ENCA represents patients, parents and patient organisations.

What are ENCA's aims?

ENCA is the voice of children, young people and families with paediatric rheumatic conditions. We represent their views to clinicians, researchers, companies and the public. We are dedicated to advance the care and improve the health and wellbeing of children and young people with rheumatic conditions. 


What is the history of ENCA?

ENCA was formerly known as the European Network for Children with Arthritis and Autoinflammatory conditions and was founded in 2002. Since then, our work has grown and we now work with patient organisations all over the world. In 2023 we officially renamed to be ENCA, dropping the use of the words represented by the acronym and updating our logo to better reflect the communities we serve globally whilst retaining our history.

How is ENCA run?

ENCA is a membership-based organisation. Eligible patient organisations from anywhere in the world can apply to join.

ENCA is run by the ENCA Board, who have responsibility for the strategic aims of the organisation. Board Members are always linked to one of our Member Organisations, helping ensure support, collaboration and mutual development opportunities.

There are also many opportunities for ENCA Members to join our work through projects and working groups. Contact us to find out more.